Mc Siberian was very helpful in helping us find our beautiful Siberian kitten Communication was excellent in scheduling her delivery. She is healthy, sweet and we love her! Thank you
Pamela E. Williamson

Chicago, IL

I recently adopted a kitten from Mc Siberian and have been so happy with the experience. The team was so kind, helpful, and understanding throughout the whole process. My new kitten is so loving and playful, she's already become a beloved part of our family. We are beyond grateful to Soul Feels for helping us find our new feline friend

-Lisa Melton-


My boyfriend and I were on a hunt Siberian kitten for quite some time. We came across a couple of websites prior and they turned out to be complete scams. The owners of Mc Siberian were very cooperative and showed legitimacy of their cattery and what they represent.

-Carl & Linda-


Just amazing all around. We are in love with our Siberian cat. Everyone has been so kind from beginning to end. They even got an independent Vet to check out our kitten and were 100% transparent with her medical finding which helped us tremendously!

-Janice W. King-

New York, NY

We absolutely love her. We saw the plane come in at Beverly Reg Airport and we knew our baby was there. You are a great service to get the cat you want. Mary Jane was so good and patient. We can’t say enough about your company. Thanks for our perfect little girl.

-Jana F. Wood-

Bloomfield Township, MI

LILLY is a wonderful “companion” kitten. I was extremely concerned for Lilly’s safety during her travels, She is amazing, she arrived in good condition. However during her vet exam it was discovered she had Giardia. After a week of meds it is gone. Lilly is a very good girl…Thank you Mc Siberian.

-Cynthia E. Covington-


I would highly recommend Mc Siberian to anyone looking for a new kitten. They executed the delivery of our beautiful baby girl with complete comfort and no stress. They contacted me regularly with updates and she arrived just as they had told me.

-Myrna W. Flowers-


We have had an amazing experience with Mc Siberian and their breeding ! Our kittens is well socialized, very good with kids and full of personality! We will definitely purchase another kittens sometime in the future from you guys again.

-Jenny Figueroa-


Mc Siberian is an the right place to adopt a kitten! We purchased a beautiful kittens. She follows us room to room and is amazing with my 2 boys. We love her so much! Her fur is so soft like silk. Everything Mc Siberian said was so true about Dora! I would purchase another one from here in the future and tell others too!



I adopted my kitten at Mc Siberian and I enjoyed the experience. my kitten has given birth to 5 more babies as seen. they have brought so much joy to my home.



Thank you again for being such gracious hosts. We felt so warmly welcomed and not at all like strangers. We hope to get to see you again. You certainly went out of your way for us and we will be forever grateful. The girls are angels, and the vet was just amazed at your love and care as breeders. YOU WOULD HAVE BLUSHED at his praise. They are eating and drinking and using the paper. What more could I ask for ?? They are my little Muskateers, what precious babies they are. Ron just thinks the sun sets in them.



Just wanted to drop a line to you, telling you once again, how wonderful Lily is. I won't forget when you told me about Sunshine, her mom, being soo smart! This little baby, yes little, is brilliant and always always knows how to tell us what she wants. Not that she is demanding, in any way shape or form. She just accommodating in all ways. She has personality and is very very beautiful, both in heart and form. She has truly bought joy in all our hearts! Ziggy and her are great pals, and have a wonderful bond!!



I've been a proud owner of Hartford Siberian for over a year now and I can't recommend them enough! They are so healthy and playful and always bring a smile to my face. Even when they are naughty, they do it in the most endearing way! My cats have been the best addition to our family and we just adore them. They truly make life more joyful.

-Connor McNamara-



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Siberian cats are high energy and very playful but can be very happy being indoor cats as long as there's lots to entertain us and access to the outdoors for mental stimulation – there are some great cautious to keep them safe and offer a taste of the outdoors, which is important for their mental health.

Because of their easygoing personalities and relatively low maintenance, they make great additions to active households full of kids and other furry family members.

Siberian are mellow cats who tend to get along with everyone. They're great for families, single people, older people, and get along well with other pets. An intelligent and playful little soul, the Siberian is also content to sit on your lap and purr quietly.